Who We Are


AMP is the broadest, deepest coalition ever assembled to represent the domestic maritime industry.

The American Maritime Partnership (AMP) is the broadest and deepest coalition ever assembled to represent the domestic maritime industry. AMP’s membership includes vessel owners and operators, shipboard and shoreside workers, shipbuilders and repair yards, equipment manufacturers and vendors, dredging and marine construction contractors, maritime trade associations and national security organizations. All recognize that a strong domestic maritime industry is critical for America’s economic, national, and homeland security, and is best supported by maintaining the Jones Act as the foundation of America’s domestic maritime policy.

America’s maritime policy is based on three time-tested requirements established in the best interests of the nation, American industry and its workforce. Any vessel transporting goods or passengers between two points in the United States or engaging in certain activities in U.S. waters must be U.S. owned, U.S. built, and U.S. crewed.


Susan Allan
Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc.

Jennifer Carpenter
The American Waterways Operators

Mark Barker
Interlake Steamship Company

Gregory Bush
Associated Federal Pilots

Scott Clapham
American Petroleum Tankers

Kelly Dennison
Pasha Hawaii

Richard Balzano
Dredging Contractors of America

Mark Eitzen
Gunderson Marine

James Henry
Transportation Institute

Kevin D. Kendrick

Dennis Moran
Fishermen’s Finest, Inc.

Brenda Otterson
American Maritime Officers Service

Ku’uhaku Park, Treasurer
Matson Navigation Company

Matthew Paxton, Secretary
Shipbuilders Council of America

Michael Roberts, President
Crowley Maritime Corporation

Stephen Sheridan
Arcosa, Inc.

Dan Thorogood
SEACOR Holdings Inc.

Jim Weakley
Lake Carriers’ Association

Matt Woodruff, Vice President
Kirby Corporation

Our American Made, American Maritime is a Cornerstone of our Nation.