The 650,000 men and women of American Maritime are committed to ensuring a sustainable future by protecting the pristine waters on which U.S.-flag ships, lakers, tankers, barges, tugs, commercial fishers, and dredges sail. American waters are the home of the well trained American Maritime workforce and mariners. Our industry understands its obligation to set the standard for the world.

Maritime transportation is energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Did you know?

Maritime transportation accounts for 90% of cross-border world trade by volume, but only uses 7% of all the energy consumed in the transport sector. Maritime is responsible for only 2% of global transportation emissions.


world trade volume
shipped by vessel


responsible for global
transportation emissions


amount of world’s
transportation energy

Energy Efficiency

A truck can move 151 miles per ton of cargo for every gallon of fuel consumed, a railcar can move 472, but inland marine vessels can move 675 miles!


by vessel


by rail


by truck

Emissions by transportation mode

Moving goods by barge has the
smallest carbon footprint of all modes

When moving the same amount of cargo:


more emissions
by truck


more emissions
by rail



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For a special Earth Day episode of the American Maritime Podcast, host Jennifer Carpenter from the American Waterways Operators is joined by Dr. Eleanor Kirtley from Green Marine to discuss environmental sustainability initiatives across the U.S. maritime industry. Jennifer and Dr. Kirtley also cover President Biden’s new push to increase offshore wind infrastructure and recent activity in the U.S. Congress on reducing carbon emissions in maritime.


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How American Maritime is Leading The Way in Sustainability

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More Can Be Done

Regular investment in our ports and waterways

Full and predictable funding for the Army Corps of Engineers

Tax credits and grants for investing in new marine engine technologies and fuel sources

State and federal investment in R&D for maritime green technology

Expand exiting emissions grants to include maritime vessels

Support American Maritime and preserve American rivers, lakes, and oceans!

Additional Information on Sustainability in Maritime

Our American Made, American Maritime is a Cornerstone of our Nation.